Founded in 2010 as Minority Media — now as Meta4 Interactive — is an international game studio with a home base in Montréal dedicated to creating innovative multiplatform games for home and Location-Based Entertainment (LBE).

Meta4 systems offer the highest revenue for operators thanks to unique curb appeal, the smallest footprint in their class, and content of outstanding quality. Meta4 game systems are currently in operation in the US, Canada, Mexico, Asia, and the Middle East.

Meet some of our crew

Vander Caballero

Vander Caballero


Vander Caballero established himself as a leading figure in Canadian video game innovation as Design Director at Electronic Arts (EA). There, Caballero oversaw major franchises like FIFA, Need for Speed, The Sims, and Army of Two. In his last three years at EA, Vander led R&D efforts to forecast the future of games.

Vander has always been passionate about VR’s potential to revolutionize society. He first experienced this powerful technology in 1998 and went on to co-found 4 Elements with Softimage founder Daniel Langlois. 4 Elements was devoted to developing VR technology for the architecture industry.

In 2014, Vander re-oriented Meta4 Media to focus exclusively on VR entertainment, launching the first VR game made in Canada, Time Machine VR, to great acclaim. The title quickly became one of Steam’s top 30 grossing VR titles in a library of over 1,000. In 2017 and 2018, Meta4 will be launching several cross-platform and location-based VR titles, leading the way for the new generation of location-based VR entertainment.

Eric Plante

Eric Plante


Eric is both a computer science and management post-graduate who has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry, working in animation, visual effects, live entertainment technology and, of course, games. During his career, he has successfully driven initiatives in project direction, financial planning & tracking, recruitment efforts, HR strategy, customer and supplier contract negotiations, corporate growth and business development, and product strategy.

He’s also a decent photographer and a terrible bass player. He loves spending time with his kids to hopefully grow them into decent, smart, kind human beings who love to play video games.

Linda Ludwick

Linda Ludwick


Linda is a founding member of Meta4 with over 25 years of financial management experience for media and entertainment companies. Linda specializes in strategic financial planning for television shows and video game IPs and their part in the larger corporate picture. She enjoys being a part of the Meta4 team with the challenge of creating financial and business strategies for the brave futuristic products that Meta4 innovates.

Linda also has many years of experience playing video games. The earliest games being Pong, Space Invaders to rescuing the princess in Mario Bros. A founding member of Beesum Communications (1993), supporting projects that promote meaningful and diverse cultural values, Linda realized that the first Doom, on DOS, played a big part in team building and contributed to innovation. Linda still believes that sharing interactive media during the workday is a good way for people to bond & leads to innovation.

Joshua Lee

Joshua Lee

Art Director

One of the best known Art Directors in Vancouver, Joshua Lee returned to Montreal to join Meta4 Media Inc.

Lee began his career in Montreal working on projects like Flight Squad and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not (1998-1999) and Cine Group Studio (1998-2000).

In 2002, Lee moved to Vancouver to work for Electronic Arts as an Art Director, developing new intellectual property and working projects such as Skate, Skate 2, Need For Speed and James Bond Nightfire. In 2008 he left EA to start his own game development studio, called United Front Games. The Vancouver based company, which employed over 300 people, has developed one of the biggest new IPs in Canada, Sleeping Dogs. Lee will be bringing his considerable experience as an Art Director to designing and developing successful, innovative games for Meta4 Media Inc.

Joshua was responsible for the art direction on Time Machine VR, the first first canadian VR game. In addition to winning numerous awards and critical acclaim, Time Machine was recognized for the quality representation of the Jurassic era in VR. He was also responsible for the art direction of all marketing materials for Papo and Yo.

Michael Zaidan

Michael Zaidan

VP Business Development and Global Sales

Michael’s a seasoned Creative with 20 years of experience in IP development in the entertainment and tech industries with C-level business development experience.

While at Meta4 he developed and executed a commercialization strategy to bring new VR products to market and establish Meta4 as a market leader in out of home VR entertainment.

He’s produced digitally distributed VR games and video projects for A&E, Oculus, National Geographic, Google, and the HTC Vive platform.

He’s a graduate Fellow of the American Film Institute in Los Angeles.

He rides motorcycles, fly fishes and scuba dives in his free time, has an amazing and patient wife, four kids and a dog.

Sylvain Croteau

Sylvain Croteau


Sylvain has over 20 years of entrepreneurship experience combining technology and entertainment.

He was the Co-founder of the mobile game studio Ludia, acquired by FremantleMedia in 2010. He was responsible for the publishing for over 20 iOS and Android titles including Jurassic Park, How to Train your Dragon, Family Feud, Dexter and many more.

Sylvain joined Meta4 6 years ago to drive the business strategy and Licensing.

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